Tuesday, August 4, 2009

4th Week


Ok, now lets talk about my fourth week of resources class. Actually, at that period of time, Pn Foziah asked us to continue doing our tutorials. The examples of the tutorials are searching for pdf. file, searching for mp3 file and searching for picture. The 1st one hour everything went fine. I were doing my stuff and suddenly the internet connection went down. I cannot use the internet for the next hours. I was very dissapointed because my aim was to finish at least 2 or 3 tutorials before leaving the class so that it will not burden me in the future.

Because of losing internet connection, so Pn Foziah asked us to do our own works because she cannot teach because the internet was not working. So I did my own work and at the same time she went around the class to mingle with the students. That was one of the ways for the teacher to get to know the students. I definitely going to use the same approach as hers in the future to get to know my future pupils. Actually, from my point of view, when you mingle with someone, it will help to release the tension between both parties. In addition, it will make both parties become more tight in term of the relationship.

I think thats all for now. Cant wait to enter the class this Thursday.


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