Wednesday, November 11, 2009

15th Week

1. What do you like about blogging?
I like to express my self

2. What you do not like about blogging?
Sometimes I have too many things to write but I could not type it because the contents will make some people hurt.

3. What have you gained from blogging eg. Language skills, improved fluency, critical thinking, improved thought processes, technology skills etc.
I gained many things from the language itself to technology skills. I can insert videos to my blog.

4. How?
I know how to embed the video from youtube.

5. What do you like about this course?
I can use the technology to the fullest

6. What you do not like about this course?
I hope the lecturer will guide us in experimenting with the technology.

7. What have you learnt from this course?
Blogging, creating e-book, editing photo.

8. What have you learnt from this course that you did not expect to?
Creating e-book.

9. What have u expected but do not learn from this course?
Knowledge on how to implement the technology in the classroom.

10. If you can change anything about this course, state what is and elaborate?
Student should be given input and lecturer should teach them on how to use certain software.

11. On a scale of 1 – 10, please rate your computing and technological skills for both before and after undergoing the course.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

13th Week+ 14th Week

Assalamualaikum and Hi to all my readers.
This is my special edition post, 2 in 1.

As not so many things need to be done in this 13 and 14 week of this course [as we all know, the course comes toward to the end already…] as most of the major tasks/assignments already been passed up last few weeks and for this weeks Pn Foziah gave us the opportunity to add on extra tasks for the 2nd assignment and few days extension for the 3rd assignment. I am very sure that most of cohort 4 [I would say the entire cohort 4] was very pleased due to the extension.

Even though we need to add on few brochures that explain about our teaching aids in details [the title, target audience, teaching aids etc], but it’s nothing much to do compared to the hard work given to complete the assignments given.

I learnt to accept and respects others point of view in order to complete the assignment. We discuss together and divided the task for each and every one of us to complete it. But for sure, we still need to discuss to make sure that every one of us understands of what need to be done in order to produce a good piece of work.

In completing these 2 major assignments, it makes me feel a sense of community and belongings to my group, which I love to be in group to complete the task. Lots of ideas and opinion can be gathered as each and every one of us will have our very own point of view. Thus, it helps to make the assignment more successful compared when I am doing it alone by my self. This can be the opportunity to me to perform my best and not disappointing my group members.