Wednesday, August 26, 2009

6th Week

Hello dan selamat berpuasa,

OK, for this week, Puan Foziah taught us about e-book. What is e-book? For me, e-book is digital book. I usually found books in store, but this time, Puan Foziah taught us to create an e-book. It was based on a story in a power point. So, I created a story and 'pasted' it on power point. It will become like moving from one slide to another slide. E-book can be a guidance or tools to teach children. They will be more interested in learning if we use e-book because it is colourful and we can insert sound to make it more interesting.

Actually, it was a good skill for me because it was new to me. I havent heard about e-book before. When it was introduced by Puan Foziah, I was so interested.

I hope that I will be able to produce a good e-book in the future to help the next 'digital' generation. The future generation will be more advanced than today;s generation. I will show you my e-book here if I can upload it. Then, you can comment on my work.

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