Wednesday, July 22, 2009

3rd Week

Hello everyone...
Today is my 3rd week with one motherly lecturer, the only Pn. Foziah..
Ok, this week she teaches us how to search for a mp3 file.

I learn new things today.
1st, search for the thing file that we want. For example, Michael Jackson last song. Type it on 'google' and click 'search'. Then, when the result is shown, search for the file that can be downloaded. Then we can donwload the file that we want.

2nd, I learn how to "print screen". Print screen is like you copy the whole page that exists on the monitor and then paste it in Microsoft Office or whatsoever. As for today, Pn. Foziah tells us to describe visually how to donwload the file, I mean the process of downloading it. I managed to do it very well as it is not that hard..thanks to Pn.Foziah for the help..

Thats all for now,
see you later

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