Wednesday, August 12, 2009

5th Week


As for this week, I was shocked to hear that Pn Foziah was sick because of food poisoning i guess. Pity her. But, she still came to the class and taught us.

That day, she taught us how to use FX Foto. It is a software where we can edit our photo. She taught us how to crop, how to remove blemish and many more. This was my 1st time using this FXFoto because before this I used Photoscape. And this FXFoto seemed very new to me.

There were some tutorials that we needed to do. We had to crop, we had to insert frames and some more. What I like most with this FXFoto is that it can remove blemish. Remove blemish means we can edit our face and put away all those dirty things on our face. Although there is this feature in other software, but i think te one in FXFoto is better. I am still trying to get to know FXFoto and I hope I can master it well.

Thats all for now.
See you later

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